So, I’ve tried to give up coffee completely, but the coffee can reared up and kicked me in the head.  I do not have or need it every day, and still soothe myself with tea.

But this morning, dealing with little sleep and a bout of depression, I poured myself a cup after lunch.  Then I looked around the office’s small kitchen and realized there was no creamer.  Inwardly, I gasp, and realize it’s in the conference room where some fancy important meeting was happening.  But I need creamer now!

A search of the refrigerator yielded some whipped cream.  Yes, it sounds a bit desperate, but works for hot chocolate, I figured with a shrug.  A co-worker came in and caught me squirting some into my cup and laughed.  It’s actually not all that bad.  It is lightly sweetened, but now the coffee does not feel as heavy as the powder or liquid creamers.  But I probably won’t make a habit out of this.

Tomorrow, I’m guzzling some of the Cherry Lime-aid juice in the fridge.