This Mother’s Day weekend, the Mister and Boy surprised me with the newest member of our family:

ImageMeet Maximilian. Or at least I think that’s how we are spelling it.  We need to decide soon, as this eight month old loves to attempt sneaking outside, so we must get him a collar.

The adjustment to his new home (and ours as we recently moved) has been relatively smooth.  The first couple of days, he often hid.  Then came the exploratory stage where he roamed and sniffed.  Whenever a cabinet door is opened, he darts in and checks it out.  He is extremely playful and often attempts jumps he cannot make. Maxim’s also a cuddle bum.


Here, he is snuggling with my son and his girlfriend. He twitches in his sleep. He enjoys briefly pouncing on feet moving under the blankets at night before laying down next to them. His favorite toy is a shoelace from my older Chuck Taylors.

And I fell in love with him at first sight.