Urban (mis)Advantures

World War Z — June 22, 2013

World War Z


Zombie fans united this weekend at movie theatres to witness a depiction of the entire world at war with the undead. Based on Max Brooks brutally intriguing novel of the same title, “World War Z” is not your typical zombie film. 

If you want missing body parts, blood spatters and intestines hanging out, watch AMC’s The Walking Dead, or any of the newer George Romero movies. For the WWZ movie is mostly void of the gruesomely detailed walking corpses or attacks as Brooks so masterfully writes in the novel.  

But the film is packed with soldiers calling the zombies “Zekes,” shooting at them, and putting their lives on the line to save their country men.  Bombs, including nuclear, fall. People panic and scream and fall prey to the infected and entire cities are lost as millions (possibly billions) of people turn.  And these bad boys and girls don’t stumble around stupidly and aimlessly.  These zombie biznaches run, climb stairs, leap, and even parkour throughout streets, building tops, and over obstacles. They pile on top of each other like ants, scaling buildings and walls. And these zombies are intelligent. 

Viewers who have read the book will also find Patient Zero, a kick-ass female soldier, and most importantly, the horrid, radical, and seemingly irrational decisions that salvage human kind. Well, most of human kind anyway. And this last idea is what I believe is the premise of the novel. 

If you are interested in seeing the movie, but have not read the book, don’t read it yet.  Just go enjoy the film. Then pick up Max Brooks’ World War Z at your local library or book store.  If you have read the novel and haven’t seen the film, be prepared that the film creators basically put Brooks’ idea on the big screen. Don’t compare it to the book. 

And good luck surviving this version of  the Zombie Apocalypse.

Abby Wambach, You Are the Woman!! — June 21, 2013

Abby Wambach, You Are the Woman!!

Last night, in New Jersey, history was kicked and head-butted into a Women’s Soccer Game.  In one of the most amazing first halves (45 minutes)  of football I’ve ever seen, Abby Wambach scored the most career goals at the international level. Dubbed the Goal Queen, she is now soccer’s leading scorer. 


At the start of the match of U.S. verses South Korea, she had 156 goals under her soccer shorts, two shy of the previous goal champion (another woman) Mia Hamm.  Within thirty minutes of the game, Abby tied, then beat the world record. She went on to score yet another goal within the first half, putting the score at 4-0, with many assists from Alex Morgan. The final score was 5-0.

I was screaming  in the living room.

Mia Hamm sacked 158 goals in 275 games during her career.  Abby has scored 160 goals in 207 games.  With the Women’s World Cup heading to Canada in 2015, she is not done yet.


Now, I know what the gentlemen are saying, because I’ve heard it:
“It’s because she’s a woman competing against other women.”
“It’s women’s sports.”
“It’s not the same caliber as the men’s league.”

Just keep telling yourself that, gents.  But for the past three Women’s FIFA World Cup tournaments, the United States has been a P O W E R H O U S E.  Our ladies are in the ranks with other countries like Germany.  Athletes like Abby, Mia, Briana Scury, and Hope Solo  are legendary like Landon Donovan and David Beckham.

As an American woman, I greatly anticipate watching Abby’s career grow only stronger on the road to 2015.  Congrats, Abby!