Urban (mis)Advantures

There was no creamer! — February 12, 2013

There was no creamer!

So, I’ve tried to give up coffee completely, but the coffee can reared up and kicked me in the head.  I do not have or need it every day, and still soothe myself with tea.

But this morning, dealing with little sleep and a bout of depression, I poured myself a cup after lunch.  Then I looked around the office’s small kitchen and realized there was no creamer.  Inwardly, I gasp, and realize it’s in the conference room where some fancy important meeting was happening.  But I need creamer now!

A search of the refrigerator yielded some whipped cream.  Yes, it sounds a bit desperate, but works for hot chocolate, I figured with a shrug.  A co-worker came in and caught me squirting some into my cup and laughed.  It’s actually not all that bad.  It is lightly sweetened, but now the coffee does not feel as heavy as the powder or liquid creamers.  But I probably won’t make a habit out of this.

Tomorrow, I’m guzzling some of the Cherry Lime-aid juice in the fridge.

Beautiful Dunkin Donuts Moments… — August 22, 2012

Beautiful Dunkin Donuts Moments…

My urban adventures during work hours  often land me at a nearby Dunkin Donuts, which is easy because they are on almost every street corner.  The other day, I went to use up the last of my gift card but did not quite have enough on it to cover the Oreo Coolatta spectacular thing on my card (and no cash).  The manager said “No problem,” and let me have it with the card 🙂

Over the weekend at the Pheasant Lane Mall in NH, I was crashing while the Boy wandered around the shops.  So I ordered and paid for a small mocha-almond, iced, half decaf/half caffeinated with cream and sugar coffee.  I got a medium.  Woo-hoo!

Now about a year ago, I attempted very hard to give up coffee.  Obviously, I regressed and trying again.  I have switched to half caffeinated, and really notice I am not near as jittery.

Taming the Coffee Cravings — May 14, 2011

Taming the Coffee Cravings

Three weeks ago, I started a wonderful new therapist job with a cozy office in a mill building up in Lawrence.  Quickly, I realized, this is the environment that started my Coffee Cravings a few years ago.  Sitting at a desk for hours and hours a day.  The afternoon heat and humidity warming my office and mixing with my newly setting lunch.  Naptime! 

So I have found myself reaching for my favorite Eeyore mug filled with Bailey’s almond creamed java.  But I’m still only sipping about a half a cup a day, because I want to maintain the reduction in always feeling hectic and chaotic.  Some days, I bring tea.  One day at the office, I found some Mint Green Tea…..it smelled heavenly and was oh, so soothing to the throat and sinuses bothered by allergies. 

Another way I am keeping the Cravings at bay is balancing the sitting with the moving.  When my eyes start to cross from paperwork, back aches, or I start zoning out, I take the walk down the 5 flight of stairs to the parking lot.  Then I draw in a few deep breaths of fresh airs, then climb back up five flights of stairs. 

But on Thursday, I did bend to the temptation of Heav’nly Donuts in Methuen when I passed by.  Heav’nly has the BEST iced coffee around, and with crazy flavors like Blueberry Swirl, Cinnamon, and sometimes Snickers.  I had some Mocha mixture. 

So even with the new job and tons of paperwork, am still conquering the coffee hunger.

The Temptation of Bailey’s — April 17, 2011

The Temptation of Bailey’s

So, one recent weekend I conducted my normally scheduled grocery shopping, which I hate with a passion.  But one things brightened this teeth-gritting experience.  As I strolled down the dairy aisle, I spotted something I had longed for.  A small section of Bailey’s non-alcoholic creamer stood together like the group of kids in the school yard everyone secretly wanted to hang out with.  I think they waved to me, particularly the Toffee Almond Cream.  I stepped up to Almond, held him tenderly in my hand, and then remembered that I doing really well at giving up coffee.  Plus, I really wanted a jug of green tea. 
So I left the Bailey’s gang on the shelf.  I think they called out to me, saying that I would be sorry about my decision, but I ignored them.
A few days later, I decided I deserved to treat myself on the weekends to Toffee Almond Cream.  So during my weekend grocery routine, I strode down the dairy aisle.  Except the Bailey’s gang wasn’t there.  Maybe they became popular and everybody else bought them.  Maybe they were ostracized by the much large Nestle gang.  I stood there like an ice statue, staring at the other rows of creamer, hoping that they would move aside and reveal that Bailey’s was just hiding.  No such luck.  Since I didn’t have any coffee and had no sugar, creamer, and caffeine pumping through my system, I didn’t snarl and hiss at some young grocer stocking the aisle nor demand where the Bailey’s is.  I just walked away, a bit saddened.
But alas, this weekend, I shopped at a different grocery store.  Now Bailey’s Toffee Almond sits joyfully in my belly with pancakes. 
My progress on weaning myself off coffee may take a U-turn.

Coffeehead — April 1, 2011


On this dreary Friday, I felt myself going into a daze at the wheel of the car.  On my way to my 11:00 session, my stomach also started growling.  And I asked myself, should I stop somewhere for some grub or get some coffee?

Wait.  Am I really asking myself this?  Get my caffeine fix or eat? 

Well, here’s my answer.  I brought my lunch, and its waiting in the fridge at work.  So no need to buy a lunch.  So I stopped at 7-11 and made myself a Columbian coffee with sugar, creamer, and honey syrup.  I ate my lunch later.

Two Days…No Coffee — March 26, 2011

Two Days…No Coffee

Yay!  For two days this week, I did not have one drop of coffee!  Tuesday and Wednesday.  I just had too much going on at work for the java.  On Thursday, I had a long work day, then did the ol’ taxes.  So that automatically meant a cup of coffee was needed to make it through the gruelling day.  And I noticed that I grimaced a bit when drinking it.  Perhaps I am gaining my taste for tea back. 

But this Saturday, with no hurry to be anywhere, I sip coffee sweetened with cinnamon, just because I miss my favorite Eeyore mug so badly.

Did I do Good Today? — March 21, 2011

Did I do Good Today?

Okay, so this morning I did not make a pot of coffee before leaving and just made a jug of raspberry tea and headed out for the wet commute.  I was fine until I started tackling my mound of paperwork at my computer.  And after lunch, I was extremely drowsy.  Dozing off at my desk drowsy.

So a co-worker and I headed to Dunking Donuts.  I got a small caramel iced with extra cream and sugar, but ordered it half and half.  Half decaf, half regular.  I was sooooo delicious.  I savored it at one of the tables before heading to my sessions. 

So, does that count as somewhat kicking the coffee can today?