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A Book Full of Terrible Things — June 18, 2017

A Book Full of Terrible Things

I finally took the advice of fellow writer, Dale Phillips, and put several of my short horror stories together in an anthology. ‘Terrible Things’ is a collection of works previously published, featured in online magazines, and a couple of tales making their début.

Currently available in paperback (and awaiting acceptance for e-book standards)  on Amazon.




Where have I been? — November 7, 2016

Where have I been?

Hello, y’all. I know it has been ages since my last post. But I do have a good reason for not writing blogs. I wrote my first novel.

Model house

On a typical work day as a mental health therapist in 2015, I was sanitizing a key object in play therapy with children: the doll house. Younger children use this to act out their wishes for home, how they feel about home, and sometimes what actually happens in their homes. Yet a story idea hit me like a brick, making me freeze in mid wiping of tiny plastic furniture.

What if what happened in the doll house really happened to an unsuspecting family? Of course, it won’t be tea parties.

Thus Doll House was born. I wrote the backbone of the story during the 2015 National Novel Writing Month and just got all the kinks worked out and the covers created (with the help of my husband). In October of 2016, it became available on Create Space. And just a few days ago became available on Amazon.

I am going through the very tedious job of making it readable for e-book, as I was quite tab and return button happy, along with special characters, in the paper version. And electronic books don’t like those.

I am greatly enjoying my first self publication, as I did not want an editor telling me how a haunted toy should act. I was in Salem, Massachusetts during Halloween weekend with the New England Horror Writers and had a blast signing a few copies.

Here are the links to check out Doll House: 



Now that it is NaNoWriMo 2016, I am back at a laptop typing away at another book. Hopefully a children’s book about an extraordinarily artistic family with some strange powers. And I encourage all writers to find a local NaNoWriMo group for support and write-ins.

Thanks for stopping by  and sorry for the long delay!

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The Zombies Are Here…. — June 22, 2014

The Zombies Are Here….

Undead War


The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us!

Dead Guns Press has unleashed a collection of zombie tales,

featuring my short story


published under my pen name, Kameryn James.

Availabe from Amazon.

“May Day World” is based upon an extremely vivid dream I had a in 2012 about the zombie apocalypse and how it changed my family.
Here is an excerpt from the beginning:

     Many months have passed since the husband, Liam, and I had a shouting match, for such noise attracts Them.  And They bring death, or something like it. Our last argument was shortly after the bombs left craters on the western seaboard, instantly killing an unmeasurable amount of people and filling the air with devastatingly powerful toxins. We were both in such shock, and I was providing crisis counseling to many people who lost relatives, and we took our stress and anxiety out on each other.
   Little did we know that the bombs were only the beginning.

So if you would like to add zombies to your summer, don’t miss out on The Undead War!  Maybe we’ll all learn a few new survival tips!

“Skin, Skin, Let Me In” Published via Sirens Call Publications! — November 27, 2013

“Skin, Skin, Let Me In” Published via Sirens Call Publications!

Woo-Hoo! It is a happy day despite the rain and fighting traffic after grocery shopping just before Turkey Day.  Why, you ask?

After dreaming of being a writer for decades, I got over my neurotic fears and submitted a short horror story of a modernized Southern folklore.  The people I’ve read the story to have never heard of such an antagonist.  So, I’m celebrating Sirens Call Publications anthology

vftg_vol1_final_front_coverFeaturing “Skin, Skin, Let Me In”
written under my pen name
Kameryn James

Synopsis from Sirens Call:
“Voices from the Gloom is an eclectic collection of tales that echo in your mind, making you question what is real and what isn’t.
Whether it’s a mail delivery system with terrifying consequences, a sucker bet with an indelible foe, or a cellar full of family secrets – each of twelve stories contained within will leave you breathless and begging for more.
Let yourself get lost in the different voices. Let their horrific nature speak to you from the shadows. Let them pull you in and wring the morrow from your soul…
Contributing Authors:
Brent Abell, Shaun Avery, Kevin Bannigan Jr., Donna Cuttress, Trevor Firetog, Kameryn James, Katie Jones, Jon Olson, Elaine Pascale, Katerina Russell, Justin M. Ryan, and Tim Wellman

Purchase a Kindle version of the book on this link at Amazon or Smashwords.

Or if you’re like me, and prefer to curl up in bed with an actual book, visit the link on Createspace!

Thanks so much to the Chelmsford Writers Group who greatly helped me edit this story by removing unnecessary characters and cutting out a lot of words.  And thank you very much to Sirens Call Publications!

I finally did it…. — November 25, 2012

I finally did it….

This beautiful moment is brought to you by many things: getting over myself, the encouragement of family and the Chelmsford Writers Group, and Lulu.com.

I finally got brave enough to self publish a short story:  Skin, Skin.  It’s a short horror story that started as a writers group Halloween project.  The group really enjoyed it and had some very constructive criticism, which I followed and made the story flow better.  I hope this experience gets me more used to people actually reading my work and rating it, especially for the world to see.

The only complaint is that my cover would not upload, so it is not near as catchy of a marketing image as I wanted.  If anyone knows how to use one of Lulu’s own pictures from its gallery, please tell me how to upload it successfully!


My Writer’s Open Road. — January 26, 2012

My Writer’s Open Road.

Today’s Beautiful Moment is sponsored by a sudden desire and ability to keep writing.  I’ve experienced writer’s block more than once.  I either sat at the computer, staring blankly or out the window, while only one paragraph is added to my wizard book.  Or I didn’t even touch a notebook or the computer for days. 
But lately, I’ve been plowing through the story, completely inspired to finish this story before the end of the year.  At some parts in the story, it moves too fast, not providing my current readers in the Writers Group enough detail or information.   Therefore, I do not have a writer’s block, but an open road in front of me, waiting to be traveled. 
What do I owe this inspiration and motivation?  It’s simple:
Because I want to be a published writer.  I’ve dreamed of it since I was ten.
I’m not getting any younger and am slowly running out of time. 
My writers group has greatly encouraged me to keep going.
A couple of books and articles about writing have helped me stay focused on the plot, characters, and storyline during a first draft.  Then go back add the transitional pieces and fillers. 
A husband and son who understand I need uninterrupted computer time!  (so when he woke up late last night wanting to write about Volkswagens, I did not complain)

But I wonder if my new-found motivation is intruding in other parts of my life.  I can’t wait to get home after work, eat dinner, spend some times with the family, and write.  I once lost track of time before work because I was typing  the novel.  This morning, I almost frantically searched for a piece of scrap paper in the purse to quickly jot down an idea for a current chapter before heading to a meeting.  Once, while waiting at the veterinarian’s office, I wrote on a napkin.  I see the story playing like a movie sometimes.  But is that okay?  I think it is.